Our mission : To offer innovative and relevant solutions in fishing for all types of fishermen.

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The Dreamfishing brand was created in 2009. The passion for fishing from a young entrepreneur and his father made the brand Dreamfishing.

A line of 10 spoon models in 10 different colors was first designed. These spoons, known primarily for salmonid fishing, have been very successful and go beyond their original use. In fact, they are used not only for salmonid fishing, but also for fishing of all type of carnivorous fish.

The line of spoons offers 10 different colors to allow fishermen to fish in all circumstances. The holographic colors of Dreamfishing allow a better diffusion of the light in the water. Indeed, whether at dawn or dusk, where the light is more subdued, our spoons retain their effectiveness by their holographic and metallic reflections.

In order to meet the growing market demand, Dreamfishing now offers many related products for fishing. It is in the summer of 2013 that the sinkers, the bottom-bouncers and hooks appear in the catalog.

Always in mind of meeting the needs for fishermen, soft lures are entering in market in 2014. Canadian and eco-responsible lures represent the vision of Dreamfishing. These lures of superior quality to what is on the market, are distinguished by their scent of garlic and crayfish, which instead of coating the lure, the flavors are added to the mixture in the mold so that the lures do not lose their smell.

The dynamism and ambition of a young entrepreneur, Marc-Olivier Imbeault, continues to grow. In 2018, we can see the appearance of Dreamfishing on television. In fact, Marc-Olivier is invited to participate in the show of «Loisir chasse et pêche» to present his brand, Dreamfishing. Soft lures and spoons are put forward and presented to the viewer.


The reputation of Dreamfishing is growing, and innovation continues, so in 2019, new products will be added in the summer of 2019!


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Have a nice fishing season everyone!


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